Tuesday - November 8, 2016


Welcome and introduction

Presidents: Dino Amadori, Giovanni Luca Frassineti (Meldola, Italy)

Chairman: Stefano Cascinu (Modena, Italy)

Marc E. Lippman
Miami, USA

The evolution of translational medicine

Giovanni Paganelli
Meldola, Italy

The Avidin-Biotin pretargeting system for molecular radiotherapy in cancer patients

Nelson Chao
Durham, USA

Health global project

Nestory Masalu
Mwanza, Tanzania

Collaboration Bugando-IRST: ongoing projects

Thomas Ladd
Jacksonville, USA

Radiating Hope - advancing cancer care in developing countries

Wednesday - November 9, 2016

Globus Hotel - Forlì


President: Alfredo Falcone (Pisa, Italy)

Chairmen: Giampietro Gasparini (Bari, Italy), Davide Tassinari (Rimini, Italy)

Romano Danesi
Pisa, Italy

Resistance and escape from antiangiogenic therapy

Daniele Generali
Trieste, Italy

Biomolecular predictive factors of response: lights and shade

Riccardo Giampieri
Ancona, Italy

Antiangiogenic therapy in GI cancer: current status and future directions


President: Marc E. Lippman (Miami, USA)

Chairmen: Lorenzo Gianni (Rimini, Italy), Andrea Rocca (Meldola, Italy)

Mattia Lauriola
Bologna, Italy

HER receptor family and pathways: a systems biology perspective

Javier Cortes
Barcelona, Spain

New anti-HER2 molecules: monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, small molecule TKIs

Geraldine Gebhart
Brussels, Belgium

The contribution of molecular imaging to investigate tumor heterogeneity and early evaluation of response to anti-HER2 agents in Breast Cancer


President: Gerardo Musuraca (Meldola, Italy)

Chairmen: Francesco Lanza (Ravenna, Italy), Patrizia Tosi (Rimini, Italy)

Gianluca Gaidano
Novara, Italy

PI3K inhibition

Lapo Alinari
Columbus, USA

Targeting BTK

Nicola Fazio
Milano, Italy

The world of mTOR

Giovanni Martinelli
Bologna, Italy

The anti apoptosis way in cancer: BCL2 inhibition

Luca Malorni
Prato, Italy

Cell cycle checkpoints (CDK4/6) inhibitors

Vanda Salutari
Roma, Italy

Update on PARP inhibitors: opportunities and challeneges in cancer therapy

Thursday - November 10, 2016

Globus Hotel (Forlì)


President: Massimo Guidoboni (Meldola, Italy)

Chairmen: Massimiliano Bonafè (Bologna, Italy), Carl Figdor (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

Nelson Chao
Durham, USA

Tumor immunology with emphasis on MDSCs

Massimo Guidoboni
Meldola, Italy

Adoptive T cell therapies: new tricks from old dogs?

Carl Figdor
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapy

Franco Locatelli
Roma, Italy

CAR-T cells: chimera or reality?


President: Angelo Delmonte (Meldola, Italy)

Chairmen: Francesco Di Costanzo (Firenze, Italy), Ruggero Ridolfi (Forlì, Italy)

Federico Cappuzzo
Ravenna, Italy

PD1/PDL1 axis in solid tumors

Luana Calabrò
Siena, Italy

Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-4 (CTLA-4)


President: Daniele Calistri (Meldola, Italy)

Chairmen: Luigi Cavanna (Piacenza, Italy), Paola Ulivi (Meldola, Italy)

Lucio Crinò
Meldola, Italy

First generation anti-EGFR therapies and resistance mechanisms

Vanesa Gregorc
Milano, Italy

New drugs bypassing the anti-EGFR blockade

Nicola Normanno
Napoli, Italy

Clonal evolution in response to anti-EGFR therapies


President: Vincenza Conteduca (Meldola, Italy)

Chairmen: Laura Amaducci (Faenza, Italy), Valentina Arcangeli (Rimini, Italy)

Alessandra Gennari
Genova, Italy

Predicting response to endocrine therapies in breast cancer

Elisabetta Pietri
Meldola, Italy

The role of androgen receptors in breast cancer

Himisha Beltran
New York, USA

Mechanisms of resistance and neuroendocrine differentiation in prostate cancer

Michal Mego
Bratislava, Slovakia

Circulating tumor cells as biomarker for hormonal treatment in breast and prostate cancer

Friday November 11, 2016

Globus Hotel - Forlì


President: Toni Ibrahim (Meldola, Italy)

Chairman: Laura Mercatali (Meldola, Italy)

Gabri Van der Pluijm
Leiden, The Netherlands

Near patient models for the assessment of tumor aggressiveness

Daniele Santini
Roma, Italy

New horizons on bone targeted therapies

Maria Abbondanza Pantaleo
Bologna, Italy

Histotype or molecular driven treatment of sarcomas?

Nerina Denaro
Cuneo, Italy

Role of immunotherapy in virus related head and neck cancer


President: Giovanni Paganelli (Meldola, Italy)

Chairmen: Domenico Barone (Meldola, Italy), Muller Fabbri (Los Angeles, USA), Maria Salvato (Baltimore, USA)

Stefano Severi
Meldola, Italy

A new proposal for a metabolic classification of NENS

Bernard Van Beers
Paris, France

Imaging biomarkers in oncologic liver disease

Muller Fabbri
Los Angeles, USA

Exosomic microRNAs orchestrate cancer biology and resistance to chemotherapy

Presentation of the Best Abstracts

Chairmen: Dino Amadori, Giovanni Luca Frassineti (Meldola, Italy)

Paola Ulivi

Role of TP53 mutations in determining primary resistance to first-line tyrosine kinase inhibitors in EGFRmutated NSCLC patients

Giorgia Gurioli

Circulating tumor cells as liquid biopsy for castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) patients treated with cabazitaxel

Francesca Salamanna

An in vitro 3D bone metastasis model by using a human bone tissue culture and human sex-related cancer cells