Studio E.R. Congressi

Monday, November 4, 2019

Session I: Genomic Landscapes

Chairmen: G. Gaidano, D. Rossi

CLL pathogenesis: microenviromental and genetics
D. Colomer
The role of microRNA in CLL pathogenesis
C.M. Croce
Predictive biomarkers
D. Rossi

Session II: Chemoimmunotherapy

Chairmen: M. Hallek, C. Tam

J.A. Burger
Chlorambucil plus anti-CD20
M. Hallek
Comorbidities and other cancers
A. Ferrajoli

Session III: Novel Targeted Therapies

Chairmen: P. Ghia, S.M. O’Brien

J.A. Burger
S.M. O’Brien
Second generation BTK Inhibitor
P. Hillmen
Management of side-effects during targeted therapy
M.S. Davids
Drivers of treatment patterns in patients stopping ibrutinib or idelalisib
A.R. Mato

Session IV: Richter Syndrome

Chairman: A. Cuneo

Is there a potential risk of an increased rate of Richter Syndrome with the advent of targeted therapy?
D. Rossi
Treatment approach in the era of novel therapies
T.A. Eyre

Session V: Further Innovative Therapeutical Approaches

Chairman: S.M. O’Brien

When and how to use allotransplant
P. Dreger

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Session VI: Newer Agents

Chairmen: A.R. Mato, P.L. Zinzani

Next-generation BTK inhibitors: Zanubrutinib
C. Tam
Next-generation BTK inhibitors: ARQ531
D.M. Stephens
Other PI3K inhibitors: Duvelisib
S.M. O’Brien
Other PI3K inhibitors: Umbralisib
A.R. Mato

SESSION VII: Interesting Observations/Questions

Chairmen: J.A. Burger, R. Foà

The stop of the treatment with the new targeted therapies: will it be possible in the future?
P. Hillmen
Which are the best combinations of therapies using targeted agents?
J.A. Burger
How should we sequence these novel agents?
M.S. Davids

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